This might not be popular – we rely on the sport for part of our income – DON’T EARLY SPECIALISE!!

I had a ripper conversation yesterday with two parents of a 9 year old that think their child is going to make it as a pro / it’s a sure thing…. seriously… not in tennis but another individual sport.

Can we shake these parents and give them a wake up call.

I may be young in the coaching field with 20 or so years of experience.

I’ve seen some amazing sports people come and go. I’ve watched two amazing athletes in Tarkyn Lockyer (220+ games for Collingwood) and Declan Mountford make AFL lists. They had the talent and work ethic – but both played more than just AFL on their development pathway.

Of all the 1,000s of players who’ve stepped on the tennis court with us I think three could (and one still can) crack into the world of professional tennis.

Why your child should play sport.
 Life skills
 Fitness and skill acquisition
 Challenge themselves competitively
 Health benefits

Personally some of my best mates I’ve met through sporting teams and events. I’ve learnt from some pretty awesome coaches. I’ve been able to play sport in different parts of the world… but please parents, let your kids enjoy the sport and wait till they are much older to “specialise” in “their” chosen sport!