The last I blogged I had just finished a very successful Camp Kretschy and was about to get ready for the start of the season……well it’s certainly here.

Over the last 3 weeks we have started our Hot Shots programs, Cardio Tennis programs, Advanced Squads, Super 14s Squads, School Tennis, School Fun Days, Active After School as well as a heap of Private Lessons.  To be honest it has all been a bit of a blur and I love it when people say “oh you have an easy job, hitting tennis balls all day”.

A couple of months ago I asked some trusted friends in business and in Facebook land about the pros and cons of expending and ensuring the quality of coaching was still maintained.  I took on all the advice and went with my heart and mind to not just employ a coach who was in it for “their’ chosen hours and those that wanted just a few hours and no travelling. So we are working the busiest term of the year a coach short.  But looks like we may be able to announce the arrival of a new full time coach for 2015 very shortly.  We have knocked back 5 schools this term, and I have a wait list of 7 kids for private lessons at the moment.  We are doing our best and putting in the hours.  My two current coaches are great, hard working and have been with me for a number of years.  Both studying, so are limited with their hours, but what they do do is first class and they are one of my biggest assets.  We have a great group of junior coaches too, who are learning more and more about the organisation, preparation and “how to deliver” on court.  Something that I have seen coaches older than myself really struggle with.

As I have said before,I am a big believer in a game based approach to coaching, and number 1, kids have to have fun.  If they don’t have fun, they will head to another sport as kids have so many options with sport now days.  This is where hot shots is such a good program, its fun, game based and the link in to squads and tournaments and more advanced coaching is excellent.  We even changed our super 14s squad from 90 mins to 2 hours.  The best way to improve is to PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE and take private lessons. Lots of kids hit, we love kids to hit with a purpose and a goal in mind for each session when they are hitting in their own time.  Lots of kids do private lessons too, some for fun, some to improve rankings and some to be the best they can be.  There are a lot of coaches out there who are happy to take $$ for lessons but never actually see their student in a competitive environment.  I go into this on my wix page…  but it does amaze me how many coaches don’t rock up to events/tournaments and watch there students play.  But each to their own.  Personally we are generally at every local event and we take kids away to tournaments all throughout the season.

We are in an industry like no other.  No two days are the same for example last Wednesday it was a early morning rise, Strong coffee, Head to the Grammar School for a join lesson with two of our top 13 and 14 yr olds,  then heading to MPTC for a lesson with one of our senior ladies, then heading to St Josephs College to run a 90 minute Cardio Session for the year 8-9 racquet sports class (well done kids) then head back to Coogee St for Cardio Tennis and then grab my lunch out the fridge (thanks to the wonderful wifey) and head out to a small school of 20 kids for some Tennis In Schools.  I arrive 10 minutes early and check some emails and voicemails do the two sessions on court and then head home returning some calls (hands free) and pump out 4 Private Lessons and then spend some time with my family over dinner and try for some veg out time.  I hydrate all day, I eat peanut snack bars and love my afternoon can of coke.  So 9.5hrs on court, 180km (2hrs in the car) in the car eating lunch on the go, and I get an urgent call from one of my friends who needs a racquet restring for his Thursday morning game of tennis.  Its dropped off to me at 8.30pm and its done ready for him to pick up the following morning on the way to the courts.  Customer service is important and we always go the extra mile, because of the passion we have and we ensure that our clients can reply on us.  There is always a way.

No two days are the same.  This Tuesday is Melbourne Cup.  We are usually away at Foundation and Slater Cups (Busselton or Geraldton) and we usually have a bit of a flutter with the Tennis West crew and other coaches.  My wifeys work has a marquee and a big lunch and drinks day planned.  I am always working Melbourne Cup. SOme say “just take the day off, it wont matter”.  It will to our Kendenup kids who get their 6 weeks (once a week) of coaching.  When i was a kid if we had soccer or tennis or anyone come to our primary school, i would be gutted if we missed out”. So its a few hours privates in the morning, followed by Cardio and then head to Kendenup Primary School for a 1pm start and see the whole school (3 groups) for tennis in Schools and then its off the the Kendenup Tennis Club.  In all the years I have been going there, the courts have improved, they have a fantastic Junior Co-ordinator (always have) and have improved their club house and facility amazingly. Anyways its Hot Shots from after school until 6pm and then a private lesson and then 70km home!

Oh did I also mention we have a massive Tennis Tour to NSW VIC and Fundraiser coming up shortly?

And did you know we are taking a group of Cardio crew overseas in 2015?

Plus we have a big tournament coming up in a fortnight (800km away).

We are also organizing a Hot Shots day for the Hopman Cup 2015 as well as timetabling for term 1, 2015!

Oh and my step brothers getting married in two weeks…. (i think i will get two days off then!)

There’s always something happening and this week is no different.  It would be great to get dressed up and have a beer and a punt on the Cup, but not for this bloke.  I’ll be dressed up in the shorts and shirt and cap and a pair of Nike’s bringing the awesome game of tennis to a group of great kids.