I was asked by a year 4 student if I would agree to do a “a week in the life of”.  I thought it would be fun, (pretty sure he got a cracking mark) so here we go!

So what does a normal tennis coach get up to during the week? There is always stories of golf, lunches, and lots of good times, and there are a few, but a week in the life of ATA is nothing but normal…… here goes!


5.35am alarm goes off and its wake up, get dressed and get ready for our 6am Cardio session. Got caught out a few weeks ago with the iphone 7 not having a Aux for music so I’ve got a beats box wireless speaker thing… it’s awesome sound!

I smash out a fun cardio session with our super mums, a couple of new ladies this term which is awesome along with a couple of regulars. Then at 7pm it’s swap the red and orange balls for the Wilson AO balls for a private lesson with up and coming under 10 Ulrich Kriek. Ulrich’s had an amazing start to 2017 taking his game up another level and really pushing our 12s and 13s squad kids! He’s a great kid to coach with high standards. He is playing his first 12s AR event in 11 days. Bring it on. Can’t wait to see how he performs up an age group!

The lesson finishes at 8, then it’s shower, weetbix, coffee and ready for my 8.30am start at First National Real Estate Albany. I’ve recently completed my Real Estate License and currently studying and am enjoying a new role 30hrs a week learning about the business and doing some work in property management, social media, trust account management, marketing and business development – my future role will be the Business Development Manager within this company – while still running and directing ATA!

I eat lunch much on the run, between viewings and media work, then at 3.15pm I hit the change rooms and replace the trousers and shirt with tennis shorts, T-Shirt and joggers and head to Lawley Park TC and get ready for 3.40 GSG school Team squads where we set up a round robin doubles comp for the players as a reward for a great term of tennis after 2 of the four teams won the WA SunSmart Schools classic in Perth against other WA country schools!

Then at 5.10 our ATA advanced squads kick off.  We have 4 current senior club champions (all juniors) in this squad, as well as some awesome 12s and 14s players, the hitting is awesome and competitive and this is where I get one of my best hits of the week (as well as lesson with Abbi gGbson who makes me work pretty damn hard). We run a lot of singles drills and match play as Country Challenge is coming up soon.  Our advanced players are working pretty good on court at the moment, great commitment and skill!

Then it’s home at 7 and my awesome wife has a great dinner on the table. And we sit and chat. We get dishes done and I head to the gym at 7.30 and then chill on the lounge and watch TV and chill as a family till Daly heads to bed!

I also own a small travel company so there’s a few emails and quotes to follow up on with hotels and email clients. Laptop on front of the TV doing some bookwork and emails and Sleep at 10 and ready for 6.30am and 7.15 am private lessons.


Tuesday it’s up at 5.45 and breakfast and head to the grammar school for some private lessons with some of their boarders. Then off to first national for the day until 2.30.

I head off to Kendenup Tennis club for 2.5 hours if Hot Shots and then do a couple of private lessons with a couple of up and coming players!

Then it’s lights on and head home for 7.45pm.  Again the wifey has dinner ready (she works full time) and hang with Daly till he goes to bed. Then it’s back on the laptop for emails and get ready for Wednesday which is a pretty late finish!

Wednesday is a 5.30 wake up, gym
Session, breakfast and head to Lawley park for a 6.30-8.00 private with one of our top girls. It’s a tough session.

Then it’s first national from 8.30-3. Then back on court again for 4 privates between 3.30-6pm. From 6-8pm we have our A grade Pop Tennis League. Some great doubles and singles and pizza for the players. Then it’s in the office for some restringing  (theres 4 sitting on the stringer ready to go and a couple of quotes to do for a cricket teams end of season trip and then finally chill on the lounge for half an hour before bed at 11.


Thursday up at 5.30 and hit the gym. Have a big breakfast and felt a little tired today.

A private lesson from 7-8 then off to First National till 2.30. Then it’s home to pack the car for our Hot Shots programs at Lawley Park TC and then a private lesson! Home at 7 to chill with the family for a few hours and also finish a deal for our travel company, so a few emails and payments sorted. It’s been a big week so far but we soldier on!


Friday is an early morning gym session then a 7am private lesson, then off to first national till 3, then it’s 3hr long private lessons. I work super hard with our top female junior ABbi and she puts in another big effort, then its race home for another lesson on our coogee st court, and finally spend some time with the family.


Saturday is a 6.30am gym and then off to a private lesson at Merrifield Park. Then it’s Hot Shots groups and our Super 13s squad.

Lunch time at 1 and then we have draws to do for our Tournament the next day and making sure we have trophies, tennis balls, nets, fliers and sponsors banners etc etc.

Then it’s an hour on the PC with some Bounce Getaways reports, advertising proofs and finally chill with the family time and we have a family dinner to go to!


Sunday is up early again at at the club by 7 to prepare for the morning. We get through the event and love running these. Great to see kids improve their tennis and a good chance to chat with parents.

Then after the event is finished at Merrifield Park I head to Lawley Park to watch some of the Patrons Plate, in which my Wife and Daly are playing in! Great to watch the standard of the tennis and enjoy a little family time then it’s off to soccer training as we have a match against the HMAS navy ship that is in town for a few days.  A few cold beers (and plenty of water) after the game and a nice chilled Sunday dinner with the family.  Sunday night is a bit of a recharge night and it’s bed by about 9.30pm ready for 6am cardio the next day!

NOTE – we have great staff that assist in running school and private lessons outside of what our head coach does.  There is lots of communication during the week (mainly by txt) re venues, lesson times, plans, payments etc etc.

Owning one of Country WA’s largest Tennis Academy’s and also running a small travel company keeps me busy, on top of that working in my parents Real Estate Agency is challenging yet rewarding – I am studying, I am working, I am being a family man, a dad, a husband, and my organisation and motivation has never been higher. And the busier I get the more and more I seme to love my time on court teaching a great sport that has given me so much.  I love hearing the term “I don’t have time for that”. It’s usually used by people who simply are too unorganised or lazy (or it just isn’t important to them) to actually do it.  If you want something done, get someone busy to do it, they’ll be good at time management and never let you down!  I have no dramas working a 75+ hour week, week in week out. I set goals, I sort holidays well in advance so I have something to look forward to. You only get one life – make the most of it. #performanceismandatory