Against a Country with one player with some reputation among the current ATP, the Aussies were always going to win the tie and advance to the world group.

Kicking back on Friday afternoon between some lessons, it was great to see Aussie young gun Nick Kyrgios finish off a match with confidence and style and then to watch Rusty take the first set and be as passionate about the set win as he was playing away on Clay in his early Davis Cup singles wins.  Back to the courts after set one for me with some lessons with our juniors but as the day closed and I was locking up the courts I was thinking what an amazing facility and showcase of Tennis that WA (COT TC) put on.

Checking out the good old social Friday night during the footy, there were so many pics, of friends and families enjoying the lush green grass (well done to Cott TC for putting their hands up to host the tie).  Coming into Spring and the grass courts around WA aren’t usually up to their best, as they are primed for the heat and bulk usage of summer, but the photos with the water in the back ground, the Aussie in their yellow, and a friend on FB commented almost Monte Carlo-esque.  I wished I was there!

It is also great that Sam Groth got a match and had a win.  The big serving Groth has come back to tennis after a year of footy and relax and seems to be loving what he is doing.

Well done to the Tennis West crew and those working there over the 3 days, the ball kids were awesome, the come and play activities are always well received and the Aussie Team really settled into Perth and were fantastic with the media.  A few of our future star juniors got some on court time with the team (well done to those coaches – legends) and the weekend was promoted so well.  I think the boys had a bit of fun Saturday Night – as they should and the weekend left a positive note on Tennis with the season just about to start!

We cant wait for the next Davis Cup Tie – away and on either Clay or Hard Court – either way we can be assured of an Aussie spirited effort and hopefully another win!