The wet weather didn’t put our next group of up and coming 8s and 12s off hitting the courts this morning.

A full field of players in both draws saw two round robins in each age group.

The winners of each round robin, 8s Fynn Kelleher-Bird and Brodie Armstrong faced off in a great final with Fynn winning 15/8.  The 12s final was between Eann Walker and Brock Dawson after both boys won their respective round robin pool.  Brock got the better of Eann in a close final 15/11.

Players (and parents) braved the weather and a huge thansk to the mums and dads who helped sweep the courts and line the mini courts!

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Players came from Albany, Denmark, Bremmer Bay and Borden (so over 200km travel) all for the kids tennis.  A great commitment to the game and seeing their kids have a great time!