ATA welcomes James to Albany as a vital part of our coaching team.

James is a level 2 accredited tennis coach and has had experience coaching in Perth, the USA and parts of Europe and bring a high standard of professionalism to our team.

James has very impressive ties with Wilson Tennis and has coached at several clubs in Perth including Kings Park and Kalamunda Tennis Clubs. He has also been a manager at Rebel Sports.

James is a former State Grade player with Kings Park (in Perth) and has also played in European money tournaments in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

James strengths

  • Ultimate professionalism at all times.
  • Producing and expecting work ethic to the highest level.
  • Understanding the shifting and changing techniques in junior as well as adding topspin and technique improvement to an existing adults game.
  • Effective practice techniques and attitudes…..a willingness to hit millions of tennis balls.
  • The Serve. Huge part of his game and ‘The Game’…the easiest shot to practice and the biggest upside to improving.
  • Equipment and set-up advice. Years in the Tennis and general Sporting Retail environment as well as a love of gear and gear tinkering have given James a unique ability to match and recommend changed to, adjustments to existing equipment or recommend what is available.

James is available for Private Lessons, Group Lessons, Adult Coaching, Fitness Sessions, Hitting Partner and more.

Contact James on 0402 345 108