Winter is here.  Rain has been falling for the last few days and as tough as our kids are, we have had to cancel some lessons. Safety first and I am sure we will make up for it with make up lessons down the track.

Last week we were lucky enough to have Pablo with us from Tennis Australia, working with some of our top 11 and under players as well as one of WA’s top 12s girls.  Great week, turned the weather on, learnt heaps and we appreciate TA getting us involved with their Talent Development workshops etc.










At ATA we are big on kids playing team sports and in particular winter sports. We encourage players to learn from other coaches, work in a team, and learn new skills.  A few weeks ago I had the honour of been selected for an Australia v England Anzac Day soccer match. I love my soccer, have played forever and am part of the reigning league and cup champs Vets team down here! We took on the English and after a solid few weeks of sledging we got the job done on the park 9/1. Was fun during and had a great night after and most importantly we raised some good money for RSL Albany.









Playing other sports is a great way to: Make friends, learn new skills, improve listening and execution of skills, work as a team, and most importantly have fun in a sport. Doing the same thing day in and day out could be monotonous if you don’t break up the pattern and add some external interests. I learnt from early on in business to have “down time” and “breaks” from the industry. So in winter its soccer and in Summer it’s Basketball, plus taking an interest is supporting my sons junior soccer (of course).  Just that hour of two away from the courts and office is enough to energize.