I would have loved to have more lessons with Peter Holmes, he was fun, demanding, well respected and really knew the game. His reputation, results and work ethic saw him win numerous coaching awards and who knows how good my game could have got if I had more on court time with him.

The most influential coaches I ever had were all soccer coaches. Colin Brown (dec) was an amazing man, who I admired because he always brought the best out of his players, he was so caring and he took me under his wing. Colin had a son who played a few years above us and he was like a father figure to me. He coached my local team and our country week team and was just an amazing bloke who really motivated me and helped me through some tough teenage years, and I can safely say I wouldn’t be the man/coach/father I am today without his influence!

Another coach I had was Morris Robertson who at first scared the bejesus out of me, but wow, he knew his stuff. He demanded and earned so much respect from our teams and he was always challenging us to do better, work harder and had a big focus on performance and the way we play, rather than the results. Once I got to know Morris better, I realised just how passionate he was about his football. He lived and breathed it and was a serious positive influence on my teenage years.

Today as a professional coach myself, I constantly look back at what I was taught as a junior, and the way certain messages were put across. I believe we are here to develop not just the player, but the person also and create good strong values on and off court.