The brainchild of Jarron (Sun City Tennis Academy – Geraldton) Joe and Brenton and (Nathan) (Global Tennis – Perth) and us Albany folk, finally was held over the last week of the school holidays.

Taking 3 months of hard work, emails, texts, phone calls, city location changes, but we got the job done.  Personally after working with some of Australia’s Top coaches earlier in the year in QLD as part of the Super 10s talent camp, it was great to work with 13-17yr olds in a high performance environment….and with Joe, Nath, and Jarron (who are top blokes, each with their own expertise in the field) and it was tough.

We attracted several top 5 players in their age groups and the quality of tennis was fantastic.

100 push up entry, always challenging the kids to do better, perform better, and think “how would a pro do this?” throughout the week.

We did a lot of running, swimming, crawling, sprinting, chasing, climbing, challenging and playing tennis.  The highlights were the trip to Bald Head and the BodyCare fitness session.  As well as the Camp Kretschy Cup.

The meals were great,for the record we went through 130 foot long subs, 10kg of pasta, 24ltrs of Milk, 18ltrs of juice and 30 kg of fruit and 305ltrs of water..

Everything we asked of the kids they did, from media to strength and conditioning and it all came to the end with a talent show with some extreme lyricalists providing a very entertaining song/poem which won performance of the trip!

Well done to Marcus who won the Camp Kretschy Cup and to Tim for been Camper of the week!

Feel free to follow the day to day running and photos on our CAMP KRETSCHY facebook page