We are looked up to from our students and should be respected by our peers.  Some of my best mates are leaders in their fields, from sales to real estate, accountants to physios.  I like to think I surround myself with good positive people and I think my network of friends, some I have had since primary school, will always be there for you, always help and advise you, and always pitch up when needed to.

Those that follow our various social media outlets would have noticed a small/flippent comment I made, then turned bigger than ben hur.  I would jump in front of a bus for our tennis kids, I’d be there for a midnight phone call, or to help a family in any way possible.  I made a comment to a kid “if Priddis wins the brownlow, I’d paint my house blue and canary yellow” Well come Monday night, my phone went nuts.  You see each kid at our camp obviously told their parents.  I also made the bet with a few of my fantasy football AFL mates. Till 2am my phone was flashing and vibrating.

So what do you do when you say you are going to do something…..YOU PITCH UP AND DO IT.

This comment went Viral – I am thinking it has hit a lot of PC and phone screens this week all around Australia and I have had feeback from Canada, USA, various parts of Europe.  Would I ever have backed out – maybe if I traded a carton of beer with an adult, but to one of my students – NO WAY, NEVER.

Well done to Nelson who backed his team and player in (he was going to wear a Dockers hat on our next tour if Priddis didn’t win.) It also teaches us that ANYONE is in with a chance and never to take an event, or our opposition lightly.

Anyways, I stuck to my word and have had the pleasure (or embarrassment) of making the local paper, GWN7 News, and the Inside cover of the West Australian Newspaper.

Yeah I’ve copped some flack.  But you can always count of me to get the job done, stick to the plan, walk the walk after I talk the talk.

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