Tennis really is a game for life.  My January has been full on, Hopman Cup, Private Lessons, NSW/VIC Tennis Tour, Busselton Tour and various other tennis activities and one thing for certain as I look around clubs: Tennis is a Game for Life.

Having started out professionally in tennis at a fairly young age, I was always very keen to learn, trail and error and soak up as much information as possible. I was also a big believer in learning from coaches in other sports. I’ve talked previously on those coaches who influenced me and even today listening to coaching legends like Nick Bollettieri, Kevin Sheedy, Phil Jackson to my sons country week soccer coach Jamie Knowlson, these guys all have knowledge, passion and are very motivating and inspiring to a coach like myself.

Getting back to Tennis been a game for life, on our NSW/VIC Tour one of the girls was one I worked with a lot as a junior between 8-12, She represented WA (u13s) then she moved to Perth and had a bit of a break and still plays a very high level tennis.. Its was honestly very humbling to receive a txt from here 5 years later asking to be a part of our 2015 trip!










Anyways Sally had a great two weeks, picked up some silverware, some cash and a heap of AR points making 3 finals and winning 2 of them.  She is still a bright and vibrant kid who fit in with our crew very easily and would have had a ball!

Sticking with the game for life, a client of ours recently sent some info about people really getting excited for winning a local (Albany) tennis doubles championship. This is their Wimbledon, their Grand Slam, and you can hear the excitement in the tone of their message that this is such a highlight for them (very capable players in their 40s and 50s).  Read our last blog about tournament levels and how we are very happy for kids and adult to win tournaments of all levels. Just another example of people enjoying the great game no matter what level they are playing.

Game for life alright: a friend and soccer buddy who plays a bit of tennis is currently in New Zealand playing in the Masters Games. It is his 69th Birthday and he loves his tennis.  Being an all round sportsman, he will want to do well, but I am sure he will be enjoying the scenery, a pint or two and some great tennis.

So as we all hit the courts this weekend, I wonder who will still be at the clubs in 10, 20, 30 years time? I dare say quite a few of you!