Here we go again.  For the last 10 years we have started January with a bang, heading to NSW and VIC for events and then ending up at the Aussie Open.  We head to these events as they are very well run tournaments. They encourage lots of match play and the staff are sensational.  The courts are some of the best Grass in Australia and the coaching network is fantastic!

I have kids all the time come up to me, or post on social media “hey DK, remember this, remember when. etc etc” these trips create lifelong memories, lifelong friendships and are very character building.  Living away from home can be tough, but kids strike up friendships, learn about them selves and each other – and are always rewarded with a trip to the Australian open at the end!

Also around this time of year, it is good to look back at the year and see all the good times, learning curves and accomplishments that have occurred. It was also very rewarding come Christmas time to amount of letters, cards, and gift we receive from students and their families.  Yes we get paid to work in this industry, yes it has perks and positives. But sometimes the nicest reward is the time and effort a kid puts in to writing some nice words down on paper for you to read. It makes the early starts, late finishes, countless emails and phone calls all worth while.







So we head soon, and my packing has to be checked and checked again. with 16 people relying on you there is no room for error, forgetfulness, or mistakes.

We look forward to sharing the good times with you on social media.

Bring it on.