Apparently it is the end of the year, and I’ve just checked and time flies when your having fun. It has been over a month since my last blog. I seriously don’t know where the last 5 weeks have disappeared to.

We lost my wifeys Mother (my MIL) to a very sudden stroke, we traveled 2000km in 4 days to take kids to a tennis event, we hit the courts with 1000s of kids, we enjoyed school tennis, we had popular Hot Shot tennis classes and amazingly 5 weeks has flown by and now we are looking at Christmas in a few weeks.

We finish off our term coaching next week and then head to East Fremantle for a JS event with some of our kids. Its a tough week with graduations and public schools still attending, but no rest for the wicked. We get back on the Friday and then start School Holiday Camps on the 21st Saturday until the 23rd. Then its Christmas shopping time and a few days off.

But one thing is for certain, losing a family member, suddenly, out of the blue, is a real wake up call for what is important.












Family and friends.

We received amazing support, Fred is still receiving hugs and cards every day. MB was an amazing person who loved her tennis and tennis and the community loved her. She went to her grave a very very popular lady, just the turnout to the church alone was the biggest I had ever seen and the outpouring of letters, texts, flowers, cards was quite overwhelming.  MB always had her finger on the pulse, knew exactly what was going on in her amazingly large family and NEVER EVER had a bad thing to say about anyone. She was such a respected lady through tennis, rotary, church, and the wider community. How many of us can say we have that following and respect for us when our time is up.

I was lucky enough to win a Mixed Doubles Club Championship at MPTC with Mavis, she would remind me all the time. She was also a committed life member, Friday lady, assistant treasurer…but family came first! Whether it be a birthday or a family commitment, Mavis was there, with a joke, or telling us about a meal, a conversation, a special at IGA.

We are all put on this earth for a reason, we all have talents, we all can make a difference in someones life.

I’m off to tennis league, hoping for a win with one of our juniors. LSGTA Tennis league is a great concept of singles and doubles and for the last few seasons I have enjoyed been on court with some of our advanced juniors and playing some doubles and helping them through matches. It’s a positive thing for their development, their progress and it’s fun.  I know Mavis loved her tennis and every time I step on court now I can remember our Club Champs win like it was yesterday!