There is nothing more “Australian” than watching the underdog get up. Last night women’s AO final was Serena’s to win, everything was in her favour. Experience, records, strength, movement, tactics and self belief….but after a chat with German legend Steffi Graf, Angelique was a brick wall, and i think took Serena by surprise.

I love a good tactical game, played a few 1000 of my own, but the fact that Angie returned serve so well, and chased everything down and went toe to toe with Serena from the baseline showed she went in with a great game plan.











Speaking of games plans, one of the best things about heading away on a tour is been able to implement game plans and improve as each match goes on.  Even to our local tennis scene, going into a match with tactics on how to get the job done is important.  Been able to analyse your own game and others is vital to any serious athlete.  Massive thaks to Phil and the Crew at MCTA in ALbury and Wodonga.  Their tournaments are “the best” in Australia. The are run well, professionally, their are practice courts, the canteens are great and the grass courts are sensational. We are always made to feel welcome and I’ll even give the officials a good wrap for setting a great standard of what is and isn’t acceptable.  I can recommend these events to any player playing AR and AMT events!

Spending time with 17 kids who all bought their “A” game and enjoyed a great trip, it was good to see the general improvement as the days went on.  Massive thanks to our sponsors who help make the trip happen year in- year out. We even had our own “Challenge” on court with some of our 14s and 16s boys and also, just for a bit of fun, did some City v Country Soccer and Cricket… Thanks to all the kids who where impeccably behaved and we loved the fun, the banter and the performance levels across the 13 days.  The cooking was great (worth the wait some nights!) Ps the City V Country was tied at one win a piece.  Bring on 2017.










Another big plus to touring is networking.  We had Perth Global Tennis crew with us and spent a week with their coaching crew was great to listen, learn and bounce info off each other.  I even gave up a King Size bed for team and slept on a matress on the floor (Lucky for Joe he got the huge queen bed #youhaveabed).

My personal coaching career in tennis will turn 15 years young in April, but every day I learn, experiment, and gain knowledge by having big ears and a sponge like retention of information, good and bad, and I’ll continue to use it through every day life.

After a few days at the Aussie Open we got home, unpacked, slept, chilled with family for 2 days and then headed to Bremer Bay for a coaching Clinic for the weekend.

bremmer bay








Massive thanks to Jenni and Drew Dawson for putting us up at the Bremer Bay Bed & Breakfast and feeding us!  We had a ball.

So now we get ready for the School term to start.  Straight into it week 1. I will be lucky enough to be heading to California after Easter taking a group of older kids away to view colleges as they look to further their careers in the sport.  Having traveled Australia and parts of Indonesia and Thailand, it is another experience this great game will have given me.  So time to open new tennis balls, restring some racquets, Get my little man ready for his first day at GSG and fire up for term 1.  Then enjoy Djoka having a comfortable win tonight.