100 push up entry, sit ups, runs, sprints, climbs, jogs between servings, hill climbs, ice baths, hill crawls, swims, beep tests, fitness sessions, scorpion crawls, jumping up hills, sand dune running.  You name it, we said do it, the athletes did it.

I have to take my hats off to our ATA kids who got in there with the city kids and the Gero kids, and pitched up and impressed the hell out of me.  When challenged, when things got tough, when out of the comfort zone, it is great to see the mental strength, the team work and the focus on getting the job done and succeeding take over.

As a coach I like to think I can continue to learn something new every day.  I learnt a lot from my students this week.  I learnt the lengths they are will to go to to impress, to improve, to challenge themselves is a lot higher than I possibly gave them credit for.  I also learnt a great deal from Kretschy, Joe and Nath, actually I am sure we learnt from each other, the importance of

1. BELIEF – been there for our students and clients till the end – no matter what

2 RESPECTING US – knowing the challenges we set (nothing we wouldn’t do) were just simply “DONE” by the athletes. no why? no! how comes? it was more jump! responded with how high?

3 RESILIENCE – we only had one kid refuse to tackle a challenge over the week (and it wasn’t physical or on court) 32 athletes 4-15 challenges each day.

Did I struggle…..yeah I did.  Generally up at 4am every day, either cooking, timetabling, ensuring the day ahead would go like clockwork.  Ensure lunch was ready to be picked up, ensuring our Personal Trainers were set to go.  Ensuring the 100 slices of toast were cooked, the NutriGrain was stocked and the kids were ready for the day and our coaches had fresh coffee to start the day.

Did I complain…..no way.  I was happy to hike 17km, lead from the front the whole time, then head to a function for relay for life (thanks to First National Albany) then meet the boys in my Vets soccer team for a cup semi final.  I kept charging ahead with the energy of a 17 year old.  till my head hit the pillow at 11pm and i got my 5hrs sleep…then it was on again!

I was happy to take photos, help the kids, give out tasks (yeah, um the green bin is full of rubbish – tip it out – bag it) give push ups, enforce the quiet rule, monitor social media.

Meanwhile I had a week off the PC till Friday night, and am only just today (Monday) getting back to clients about the term ahead.  yep a pile of emails, txts, voicemails and web enquiries.  We aren’t big enough yet to hire a secretary or a PA, but we will get there!

So what did I take out of the camp.

A massive respect for the athletes, who continually pitched up.  A continued belief in the power of the phone (as we banned all these for the kids for most of the trip and within 2 days they didn’t even ask for them). A great respect for my fellow coaches, who are all battling there own battles with clubs, associations, personal etc and at the end of the day the hours and passion these guys have for the sport ensures the athletes will always have a “go to” an “opportunity” and a chance to thrive.

Bring on 2015 and our next camp!