Albany Tennis Academy helps develop tennis futures at any level. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside David and witnessing his passion and dedication to his pupils and providing opportunities for them.

Alicia Molik

Our son has been part of the ATA tennis program for the past four years and we are tremendously pleased with the quality of coaching. It was blatantly obvious from the first lesson that David Kerr is not just a tennis coach, but possesses all the qualities of a born coach. He is an excellent motivator, has insight into both the physical and psychological aspects of tennis and relays this to his young athletes with passion. We have been amazed with our son’s progress over the past three years, but have also noticed and are thankful for the important life lessons that David teaches through tennis, something that will last him a lifetime. We are extremely lucky to have a coach and tennis program of this quality in our country town.

Sonja & JJ Kriek

I have been associated with David Kerr’s ATA for many years. I have seen his business and Academy grow into a thriving facility teaching young people the skills of tennis and producing many highly regarded junior players to State level. As a former regional player, I am more than happy to endorse the teaching and ideals of ATA!


Well done David and the crew at ATA. Taking Country Tennis to the next level. Perfect example of hard work and commitment to the sport of tennis. 

Leslee & Peter Holmes | TOTAL TENNIS REABOLD

Dave consistently provides knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional private tennis lessons. His speciality, I feel, is that he fully understands how his pupils learn best and then skillfully targets each lesson accordingly. This is what brings us back to Dave and his team time after time.

Helen & Dechlan
Co. Meath, Ireland

Helen & Dechlan

David has coached Abbi since she was five…..without him Abbi would never have achieved what she has over the last few years. He did make the mistake of promising Abbi a table tennis table if she won Bruce Cup. After she won he delivered the table to our house and he made Abbi very happy. A man of his word. We Gibson’s feel very lucky to have had David’s help and guidance over the last 8 years. Thanks Coach

Colin & Libby Gibson

David and the team at ATA create a fun, healthy and exciting environment for kids to learn and develop their game.  The coaches are the most passionate and committed I have seen anywhere in Australia (or Worldwide).   The future of Australian Tennis is in good hands with ATA.

Tim Sullivan

David’s commitment to tennis in our region is at all levels from individual players, local clubs and at association level. He has been, and continues to be, a tireless worker for tennis.

Andrew & Jane Partington

We have nothing but praise for his efforts with not only our children, but with all the other youngsters under his care. His coaching methods are very advanced and his ability to bring out the best in his pupils, not only in a tennis sense, but also in a Life-Skill sense is outstanding.

Sam & Rio Capararo

David has a work ethic second to none. His passion in helping his pupils is something to be admired. The week in, week out determination leadership he offers to his staff and his clients is world class. I encourage all tennis players to experience what ATA has to offer.

Josh Winterton | CEO TIINK