It seems like an eternity that I was sunning (cough – working hard) on our Bali Cardio trip. It is now July but 2 months ago it was warm, sunny and now it is cold, frosty, windy and a typical winter in Albany.

Wimbledon was the talk of the sporting nation. Rusty bowing out, Grothy taking a set of the GOAT, and the antics of Kyrgios. NK had a tough campaign. He had the pressure of a nation but he acted a fool. I went pretty vocal with an attitude “hang in there Australia” he will be right. Old Dawn got involved and unfortunately for her, she let her words and media training slip and came out the bigger fool.  It is all learning for NK, Dawn also ran a muck in her early years, was arrested in Japan, wouldn’t do as she was told. Maybe the years have taken its toll on her memory, who knows. One thing I do know is that I will stick with NK as he has the talent to be top 5 in the world!

Wimbledon confirmed Djokovic as the leader of the pack, with the GOAT throwing everything at him (even the kitchen sink Andy) but the Djoka is just too good. I thought Andy Murray could take the title, but Fed was amazing in the semis, but again, Djoka is just that little bit better.

NK was hammered again in the media at the Davis Cup and Tomic threw a party with some loud music. (He was asleep?) Coincidence or not that it was on the same day as Davis Cup tie started (that he was banned from). Both these guys will mature. I’ll back NK to go further with his career than Tomic. But both of these guys need to listen and learn and have good guidance. One minute Tomic is complaining about having to spend $20 on balls, the next he is splashing out on Penthouse suits and $100+ bottles of champagne and imported beers!

Both NK and Tomic can learn from our mate Lleyton Hewitt. Rusty was a brat as a junior and into his early career. From racism, to threatening violence, to been a brat, but guys like Roachy DC and co had a big influence on him and his attitude. I will be the first to say I am a proud Aussie and I can happily say in went on record after the doubles win the Rusty and Grothy had, saying these two had to play the final day singles for the Aussies to have any chance of winning the tie. They did and the rest was history.